Take Hold of Heaven, Thirteen Spiritual Truths for Parents and Children

take-hold-of-heaven-alice-theriaultChildren are divine love and our hearts’ delight!

My book, “Take Hold of Heaven, Thirteen Spiritual Truths for Parents and Children“, was created to empower them with the understanding of their Innate beauty, worth, wisdom, and potential as children of the Creator.

We are speaking of the ultimate gift, the breath of life given to all, which may be referred to as Light, God, Divine Power, Divine Presence, Divine Consciousness, or the I AM.

We are each a cell in the heart of the infinite mystery of creation, known as God or Creator. To realize and know this is the magical key to everything!

We are here“, as Rudolph Steiner, author and educator, has stated, “To Unite the Spirit of the Human Being with the Spirit of the Cosmos“. Aligning our thoughts, words and actions with the grand plan of this amazing cosmos is to create divine and universal understanding, empowerment and effectiveness in our lives.

Yes—this is the magical moment of NOW to act upon it. We begin with the beautiful children.
May Great Blessings of the Highest Order flow into our world as this knowing grows within all of us.
And a little child shall lead them….
In Divine Love—And So It Is,

Reverend Alice Theriault

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Celebrate your child as a gift to the universe! Take Hold of Heaven offers children of planet Earth the opportunity to become aware of their innate gift of divine potential.Parents are their children’s first and best teachers, the founders and architects of their lives. Take Hold of Heaven, with thirteen spiritual truths, will inspire parents and children to create a harmonious, spirit-filled life with reverence for all.”Take Hold of Heaven is a valuable introduction for parents, teachers, and children of all ages. We need to understand who and what we are in order to establish the connection with our grand and glorious universe.” –Virginia Essene, spiritual author and educator

“Take Hold of Heaven synthesizes the author’s experience as teacher, parent, and minister. She offers uplifting ideas and information to guide children of the new millennium. The quiet nurturing she is known to embody comes through the hopeful truths, inspiring poems, and practical lessons. With humanity re-awakening to ideals of fellowship and global stewardship, Take Hold of Heaven comes at just the right time.” –Lynn Rogers, MA, author and educator

“Every conscientious parent must read Take Hold of Heaven. It offers keys to the cosmos, to your child’s being, and shows ways you can develop an uplifting, quality parent/child relationship.” –Rebecca A. Field, MA, author and cosmologist.


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